Passenger / Fireman Lift

Passenger / Fireman Lift

Passenger / Fireman Lift

More than ever quality buildings are emerging on the construction landscape. With this trend, VM lift is a product for the new millennium.

AC Gearless Traction

VM Gearless product offers the perfect solution for your building’s complex lift needs. Our Gearless products offer solution suitable for medium to high rise buildings requiring high speed acceleration lifts.

Geared Traction

VM series of geared product offers a myriad of standard option, alluring design flexibility while meeting short lead times. VM utilise advanced technology as the high speed gearless lifts,ensuring high standard for quality,performance and reliability.This product is customised specifically to meet low to mid rise applications.

New Generation of Machine Room-less

The state-of-the art technology has cleared the way for a new elevator age. With new development of a highly efficient compact traction machine and an ultra-thin controller has enabled accommodation of necessary equipment inside the elevator hoistway

Our Machine Room-less elevator development eliminate the need for a machine room, an indispensable requirement for conventional elevator system.

-Elevators without machine room are attractive products that meet today’s market needs and they will be the future main streams.

-It provide alternative inroad to designer where space continue to be a challenge for them.